Soweto Academy: Spiking Their Way to Glory!

Soweto Academy has once again proved that they’re the queens of the court by retaining their Nairobi region secondary schools volleyball girls’ title in an epic showdown against Brown Hill. The crowd was roaring, the players were soaring, and the excitement was overflowing at Moi Girls in Nairobi!

Straight Sets and Straight-up Champions!

Talk about a dominating performance! Soweto Academy showed no mercy as they swept Brown Hill off their feet in sets of 25-23, 25-17, and 25-13. Bam, bam, bam! Six successive titles in the bag – that’s no small feat! It’s like they’ve got a volleyball superpower!

You know what’s even more impressive? They’ll be representing Nairobi at the national games in Kakamega later this month. Time to pack those bags, Soweto Academy, because you’re about to embark on a journey to conquer the whole nation!

On a Mission for the National Title

Coach Akinyi couldn’t be prouder of her team, saying, “I’m happy we’ve defended our title in a fashion and everything has worked according to our plans. We now go back to the field to prepare for the next stage, which is very crucial. Our target is to win the national title this year.”

Oh, you go, girl! Aim high, swing high! The Soweto Academy squad is determined to bring that coveted national title home. But they know it won’t be a walk in the park. They’re fully aware of the fierce competition, especially from Kwanthanze and those other usual suspects who’ve been snatching the national trophy for six years straight!

Rivals, Watch Out!

Ah, Kwanthanze, the formidable foes! The Soweto team knows they’ll be up against these skilled opponents at the nationals. Coach Akinyi’s got a sparkle in her eye when she says, “We’re ready because we’ve suffered at the hands of Kwanthanze and other teams for a long at the nationals.”

You see, folks, this isn’t just about sports; it’s a tale of grit and determination. Soweto Academy is ready to overcome their past challenges and fight for that ultimate victory!

Ruthimitu Boys: Serving up Some Championship Glory!

Hold your breath, because the boys from Ruthimitu aren’t lagging behind! In a thrilling showdown against Hospital Hill, they showed us why they’re a force to be reckoned with. It was a nail-biting 3-1 victory that had fans on the edge of their seats!

Falling and Rising – True Champions!

Ruthimitu gave their all in the first set, winning it with a tight score of 25-21. But then, a momentary setback – they lost the second set with a 26-28 defeat. But hey, champions don’t stay down for long! They bounced back with determination, sealing the deal in the third and fourth sets with scores of 25-21 and 25-19. Phew! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

Coach Njine: The Mastermind Behind the Victory

As the dust settled on the court, Coach Njine was full of praise for his boys. The game was tough, but we gave everything and won. We want to go to the nationals and win the title.”

Oh, we can feel the passion in his words! Coach Njine is steering his team towards greatness, and they’re not holding back. They’ve got their eyes set on the national championship, and they’re ready to take on any challenge that comes their way!

National Showdown – Bring It On!

So, what’s next for these talented teams? The excitement isn’t over yet! Soweto Academy and Ruthimitu will soon find out their national opponents. The anticipation is building, and the players are raring to go. This weekend is going to be a rollercoaster of emotions as they gear up for the ultimate test!

And hey, let’s not forget St. Dorcas, representing the region in netball at the national stage in Kakamega. It’s all about celebrating the power of sports and the dedication of these young athletes.


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