Education Ministry Unveils Schorlaships in Hungary, China For Kenyan Students

In an exciting development for Kenyan students aspiring to further their education abroad, the governments of Hungary and China extend a generous hand by offering a total of 218 scholarships. Specifically, the Hungarian government graciously offers 200 scholarships, while the Chinese government makes available 18 awards for eligible Kenyans. This presents a golden opportunity, a chance to pursue various academic disciplines, for those eager learners within these two dynamic nations.

The Hungary Scholarships Program addresses a comprehensive spectrum of academic interests, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. Undergraduates have the opportunity to explore fields like Agricultural Science, Computer Science and Information Technology, Legal Science, Economic Science, and Engineering Science. Medical and Health Sciences are also available, along with Natural Sciences for exploration purposes. The Master’s Degree program and Ph.D. studies cover an even wider range of disciplines; this diversity ensures that aspiring scholars can carve out their niche based on personal passions.

Aspiring students, take note of the comprehensive provisions this scholarship covers—tuition fees, accommodation, or contributions towards off-campus living for non-dormitory residents, medical insurance, and a monthly stipend. While these provisions significantly defray living expenses in Hungary, students should recognize that they are advised to supplement them with their financial resources.

Interested candidates for the Hungary scholarships must complete the Standard Scholarship Application Form. They should also attach certified documents, such as their ID, academic/professional certificates, transcripts, and birth certificate alongside their application. Other required testimonials include a passport. The deadline to submit these materials is December 8 for Chinese Government Scholarships; however, it extends until January 17 when applying specifically to pursue studies in Hungary. The Ministry, however, underscores the imperative nature of ensuring academic certificates from foreign institutions, a pivotal concern in this context; the Commission for University Education (CUE) recognizes them.

The Ministry, serving as the designated agent for both the Hungary and Chinese Government Scholarships, requires applicants to complete its preliminary selection process. Furthermore, it emphasizes a preference towards postgraduate nominations for teaching staff in universities, including those within university constituent colleges.

The Chinese government offers 18 scholarships; eligible students can pursue undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in the academic year 2024/2025; however, specific criteria apply. To be considered for these opportunities, designed to promote educational exchange between nations, undergraduates must fulfill certain conditions: they should have a minimum KCSE mean grade of B (Plain), possess an original KCSE certificate, and be under 25 years old at the commencement of their studies. Furthermore, strong grades in major subjects related to their preferred field of study in China are also mandatory; thus indicating not only academic competence but also focus and alignment with future coursework abroad.

For Master’s programs, Hungary scholarship postgraduate applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree with upper second-class honors; for Ph.D. programs, they need to hold a relevant master’s degree. The age requirements specify that applicants’ age should not exceed 38 years for Master’s applications and 45 years for Ph.D. applications.


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