Empowering Isiolo Youth: The Impact of the Ujuzi Manyattani Programme


In a bid to foster self-reliance and economic empowerment, 140 youth from Isiolo have undergone transformative training under the Ujuzi Manyattani programme sponsored by the Northern Rangelands Trust Trading. This initiative aims to equip marginalized youth with practical skills and capital to start their own businesses, thereby transforming their lives and contributing to the local economy.

Quick Summary:

  • Empowering Youth: The Ujuzi Manyattani programme provides training and capital to youth in Isiolo, enabling them to become self-reliant entrepreneurs and contributors to the local economy.
  • Comprehensive Skills Training: Beneficiaries undergo a three-month training programme that covers a wide range of skills, including vessel repair, motorcycle repair, mobile phone repair, welding, plumbing, masonry, electrical and solar installation, tailoring, catering, hairdressing, and beauty therapy.
  • Successful Partnerships: The programme’s success is attributed to partnerships with Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and support from organizations like the Northern Rangelands Trust Trading.

Transforming Lives Through Skills Development

The Ujuzi Manyattani programme, initiated in 2019, has positively impacted youth from marginalized areas across various counties in Kenya. Through partnerships with TVET institutions such as Kiirua Technical Training Institute and Laikipia North Technical and Vocational College, beneficiaries receive comprehensive training and support to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Economic Empowerment and Sustainability

CEO Vishal Shah highlights the programme’s remarkable success, with graduates earning double the average income for families in arid and semi-arid counties. The graduates inject approximately Ksh97 million annually into the local economy, demonstrating the programme’s significant contribution to economic growth and sustainability in the region.

Government Support and Future Prospects

Tvet PS Esther Muoria underscores the importance of practical skills training in creating employment opportunities and driving national transformation. The government’s commitment to supporting initiatives like Ujuzi Manyattani reflects its dedication to youth empowerment and economic development.


The Ujuzi Manyattani programme stands as a beacon of hope for youth in Isiolo and beyond, offering them the tools and resources needed to build sustainable livelihoods and thrive in their communities. By investing in skills development and entrepreneurship, the programme not only empowers individuals but also contributes to the socioeconomic development of the region. As partnerships continue to flourish and support from stakeholders grows, initiatives like Ujuzi Manyattani will play a pivotal role in shaping a brighter future for Kenya’s youth and fostering inclusive growth and prosperity.


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