Kisii Schools Embrace Sports Competitions to Forge Regional Team


Schools in Kisii are abuzz with sports fervor as they kick off basketball, handball, and athletics competitions to select a regional team. With venues bustling with energetic athletes, the aim is clear: to identify talent and form a formidable team to represent the region in higher-level competitions.

Quick Summary:

  • Regional Sporting Showdown: Kisii schools engage in intense basketball, handball, and athletics competitions across various venues to scout for talent and assemble a regional team for future competitions.
  • Diverse Sporting Duels: Sameta, Kenyenya, Gucha South, Kisii School, and Cardinal Otunga Mosocho host competitions, showcasing the breadth of sporting talent across Kisii County.
  • Dominant Performances: Schools like Kerongori Mixed Secondary School exhibit dominance in multiple duels, underscoring the importance of investment in sports and dedicated coaching.

Unveiling Sporting Champions

Sameta Sub-county

  • Rusinga Secondary School serves as the battleground for Sameta Sub-county, witnessing fierce competition in basketball, handball, and athletics.

Kenyenya Sub-county

  • Rianyanchabera Secondary School becomes the arena for Kenyenya schools to showcase their prowess in various sporting disciplines.

Gucha South

  • Nduru Boys’ High School hosts Gucha South’s sporting showdown, where schools vie for supremacy in basketball, handball, and athletics.

Kisii School and Cardinal Otunga Mosocho

  • Kisii School and Cardinal Otunga Mosocho take center stage in Kisii Central and Mosocho Sub-counties, respectively, as they battle it out in basketball, handball, and athletics.

Celebrating Sporting Excellence

  • Kerongori Mixed Secondary School emerges as a dominant force in Kenyenya Sub-county, clinching victories across multiple sporting duels. Principal Dr. Peter Nyamoko attributes the success to robust investment in sports and dedicated coaching staff.

Call for Infrastructure Development

  • Kennedy Okindo, Kisii Central Sports Coordinator, appeals to the Kisii County Government to expedite the renovation of Gusii Stadium. With the stadium poised to host secondary school national sports and games in August, adequate preparation is crucial to facilitate the event seamlessly.

Future Prospects

  • Despite the midterm break looming, sporting competitions in Kisii County are set to resume, with schools eager to continue their quest for sporting glory.


The fervent sports competitions in Kisii County epitomize the passion and dedication of its youth towards athletics. As schools across the region vie for supremacy and talent scouts scour the fields for future stars, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie prevails. With continued investment in sports infrastructure and coaching, Kisii County is poised to produce exceptional athletes who will not only excel on the regional stage but also represent Kenya with pride on the national and international fronts.


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