Mukiria TTI and Polish Partners Revolutionize Welding Education with Virtual Training

Mukiria Technical Training Institute in Meru County is poised to redefine welding education through a strategic collaboration with Polish partners facilitated by Toolkit and Dig In Vision. The collaboration, championed by Meru County Assembly Speaker Mr. Ayub Bundi, is set to introduce virtual welding courses, ushering in a new era of technological advancement in skills training.

The School Principal, Mr. Michael Maina, expressed his enthusiasm, deeming this venture a significant milestone for Mukiria TTI. He extended gratitude to Mr. Bundi for his pivotal role in advocating for the partnership, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to further collaborations for continued success.

Mr. Maina shared that the virtual welding courses, slated to commence early next year, will expose students to cutting-edge techniques, ensuring they acquire skills that meet international standards. He highlighted the transformative impact of integrating Virtual Reality Technology into technical skills training, not only reducing the cost of materials but also sparking curiosity among students through modern teaching methods.

Mr. Bundi, foreseeing the potential of this initiative, revealed plans to expand the training to other regions within the county, targeting 100–200 youth beneficiaries. He disclosed that the program’s scope will soon encompass Solar Technology training, positioning trainees as highly sought-after professionals in both local and international job markets.

Deputy Principal Ms. Karwitha Nkarichia underscored the need for modern accommodation facilities to cater to the growing student and staff population. Acknowledging the institute’s remarkable growth, she urged locals to invest in constructing modern hostels, addressing the accommodation challenges faced by many students and staff who currently commute long distances.

The introduction of these pioneering courses not only elevates Mukiria TTI’s status but also presents a golden opportunity for aspiring welders to embrace modern, internationally acclaimed training. As Mukiria TTI sets new standards in welding education, the collaboration with Polish partners is poised to shape the future of technical skills training in Kenya, setting the stage for a skilled workforce with global recognition.


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