New Salary Scales for Chief Principals: Grade D5 – TScale 15

Table 2: Conversion of Chief Principals

Grade D5 – TScale 15

In the pursuit of a more equitable and competitive salary structure, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) introduces new salary scales for Chief Principals, Grade D5, effective from July 1, 2023. The conversion process, outlined in Table 2, ensures a smooth transition from the existing salary points to the revised salary points.

New Salary PointSalary As of 30.06.2023Allowance GradeSalary PointSalary W.E.F 01.07.2023Allowance Grade

This conversion process ensures that Chief Principals experience a seamless transition to the new salary structure, reflecting an appreciation for their leadership roles and contributions within the education sector. The revised salary scales aim to motivate and reward Chief Principals for their continued commitment to educational excellence.

As TSC continues to enhance compensation structures, this initiative sets the tone for positive changes within the teaching profession, fostering a more gratifying environment for educational leaders.


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