Revitalizing Education: Jomo Kenyatta Foundation to Coordinate Scholarships and Bursaries

The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation (JKF), established in 1966 under the Ministry of Education, is undergoing a transformation led by the State Department of Basic Education. This initiative aims to bolster JKF’s capacity in overseeing the distribution of scholarships and bursaries across the country. Dr. Belio Kipsang, the Permanent Secretary for Education, announced these changes during a meeting in Mombasa, emphasizing the need for enhanced coordination and the establishment of a comprehensive beneficiary database.


Since its initiation in 1968, the JKF scholarship fund has been a crucial instrument in advancing education and alleviating poverty. Operating as a parastatal and a company limited by guarantee without share capital, JKF focuses on two main areas: publishing and scholarships. The ongoing transformation seeks to streamline the distribution of bursaries, ensuring efficient coordination and preventing dual benefits from various sources.

Key Initiatives and Goals

  1. Comprehensive Coordination: The revitalization process aims to enhance JKF’s coordination of bursary allocations. This involves building a detailed database of all beneficiaries to eliminate the possibility of dual benefits from sources like CDF, County Government, and the Elimu Scholarship.
  2. Timely Finalization of Bursary Awards: Dr. Kipsang stressed the importance of finalizing bursary awards promptly before the school year begins. This ensures that children are not kept at home awaiting potential CDF or County Government bursaries.
  3. Eliminating Discrimination: The PS criticized leaders who discriminate against children based on their parents’ voting patterns during the bursary distribution process. He emphasized that bursaries are the entitlement of children and should remain detached from any alignment with their parents’ views.
  4. Community Awareness: Dr. Kipsang called for community awareness and encouraged the pursuit of teaching courses, especially in remote counties, to support the community.
  5. Acknowledging Contributions: The PS acknowledged the contributions of County Governments, Members of Parliament through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and the Elimu Scholarships. He commended their efforts in providing bursaries and scholarships to learners.

Final Thoughts

The revitalization of the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation marks a significant step in optimizing the distribution of scholarships and bursaries. By improving coordination, establishing a comprehensive beneficiary database, and promoting timely processes, the transformation aims to ensure that educational support reaches deserving students efficiently. The government’s commitment to fostering education and eliminating discrimination in the distribution of bursaries reflects a dedication to creating equal opportunities for all learners.


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