Smooth Transition: A Comprehensive Guide to Delocalization Handover in Kenyan Schools

The Teachers Service Commission has initiated the third phase of its delocalization program, marking a significant chapter in the education sector. To facilitate a seamless transition for school heads and principals, the Ministry of Education, through a circular by Principal Secretary Dr. Belio Kipsang, released detailed guidelines. This guide outlines the essential items that must be handed over by outgoing school administrators during the delocalization exercise. The entire process is closely monitored by the Sub-county Director of Education.

Financial Handover:

  1. School’s Bank Certificates: Ensure the transfer of all official bank certificates to maintain financial continuity.
  2. Bank Statements and Financial Position: Include the latest statements for Tuition, Operation, and school fund accounts, along with trial balances, lists of creditors and debtors, fees arrears, and other relevant financial documents.
  3. Land Ownership Documents/Title Deed: Hand over essential documents verifying the school’s land ownership.

Accounting and Administrative Documents:

  1. Cash Books and Ledgers: Include cash books for Tuition, Operation, and school fund accounts, along with ledgers, journals, and rent registers.
  2. Payment Records: Transfer cheque books for all school bank accounts, payment voucher files, and the local purchase order book (LPO).
  3. Receipts and Registers: Hand over receipt books, commitment registers, and an updated fees register.
  4. Assets Documentation: Include records of assets like plants, equipment, motor vehicles, electricity generators, water plants, projectors, radios, TVs, tape recorders, and computers.

Educational Resources Handover:

  1. Textbooks: Provide an inventory of textbooks available in the school.
  2. School Records: Transfer essential school records for historical reference and continuity.
  3. Performance Management Resources: Hand over fully filled TPAD files, the TPAD manual, schemes of work, records of work, lesson plan observation forms and schedules, an updated class attendance register, and class registers.
  4. Code of Conduct and Ethics: Include copies of the Code of Conduct and Ethics for teachers, fostering a culture of professionalism.
  5. Legal Compliance Documents: Hand over copies of the TSC Act, ensuring legal compliance.
  6. School Management Documents: Include the school timetable, a list of all teachers, discipline records, and teachers’ mark books.
  7. Overall School Performance Records: Transfer records showcasing the school’s academic and extracurricular achievements.

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive guide ensures a systematic and organized handover during the delocalization exercise, promoting a smooth transition of responsibilities. The adherence to these guidelines guarantees that the incoming administrators are equipped with all the necessary tools to continue the school’s mission and uphold its standards. The Ministry’s commitment to overseeing the process through the Sub-county Director of Education further ensures accountability and effectiveness in the delocalization program.


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