The Unfair Treatment of Deputy Principals in KESSHA Meetings


A disconcerting issue has come to light regarding the treatment of Deputy Principals within the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) meetings. These annual gatherings, purportedly aimed at fostering collaboration and sharing best practices, have instead become arenas of discontent for many deputy principals, particularly in the Nyanza region.

Quick Summary:

  • Deputy Principals in Nyanza express dissatisfaction with treatment in KESSHA meetings.
  • Complaints include unfair venue selection and inadequate allowances.
  • Accusations of manipulation and exploitation by principals.
  • Disparities noted in venue locations and allowances between principals and deputy principals.

The Grievances

According to one Deputy Principal, who chose to remain anonymous, there’s a prevailing sense of unfairness in the selection of meeting venues. It’s alleged that Principals opt for venues situated far from the regions of the deputy principals. This decision ostensibly facilitates the withdrawal of more allowances from school accounts. In contrast, when it’s the deputy principals’ turn to convene meetings, they are restricted to venues within their sub-counties and provided with meager allowances, exacerbating feelings of inequality and discontent.

Allegations of Manipulation and Exploitation

Furthermore, the deputies accuse their senior counterparts of manipulation and exploitation, which ultimately leads to demoralization within their ranks. The disparity in treatment, coupled with allegations of manipulation, underscores a troubling dynamic within KESSHA that undermines the collaborative spirit it aims to foster.

Disparate Retreat Locations

Currently, Principals from Suba East Sub-county find themselves convening in Kisumu for their annual retreat, while their counterparts from Masaba North are situated in Eldoret town. However, the Principals from Kenyenya Sub-county, under the leadership of David Osoro and his deputy Babylon Omayio, are meeting in Machakos County. This discrepancy in venue locations raises questions about equity and fairness in resource allocation within the association.


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