TSC’s Ongoing Teacher Recruitment Drive in North Eastern Kenya Aims to Bolster Education Amid Security Concerns

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has taken a significant step to address the teacher shortage in the North Eastern region of Kenya, where security concerns have led to a mass exodus of educators. This move aims to ensure that quality education is not compromised in the face of ongoing challenges.

In the past month, numerous teachers assigned to Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa counties refrained from reporting to their duty stations due to the escalating security situation. TSC responded by issuing interdictions to these teachers, stating that they had abandoned their responsibilities during protests at the TSC headquarters in Nairobi. These educators were requesting transfers to other regions within the country, where security concerns were less pressing.

Nancy Macharia, the Chief Executive Officer of TSC, confirmed that the teachers who had not returned to work had been interdicted. She assured that an investigation into their conduct was underway, and due process would be followed. Importantly, she emphasized that TSC remains committed to recruiting teachers for the North Eastern region throughout the year.

“We maintain an ongoing recruitment process for North Eastern to replace those who have left. North Eastern is the only region where teacher recruitment remains open,” she noted. This approach reflects a dedication to ensuring that the region has the necessary teaching workforce.

Macharia explained that teacher recruitment in North Eastern takes place at the sub-county level, encouraging residents of the region to consider taking up teaching positions. This strategy not only helps address the teacher shortage but also offers opportunities for local individuals to contribute to their community’s education.

Reports indicate that the North Eastern region requires over 2,000 teachers to bridge the staffing gaps in public primary and secondary schools. This recruitment drive is essential to maintain the quality of education in the region.

Nancy Macharia, while supervising the distribution of Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) examination papers in Mombasa, also acknowledged the shortage of teachers in specific subjects like Islamic Religious Education and Physics. She attributed this issue to insufficient resources and funding. Adequate funding would enable TSC to recruit more teachers to address these subject-related shortages, ensuring a more well-rounded education for students in North Eastern and across Kenya.


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