Fostering Democracy: IEBC Conducts Successful Student Council Elections at Lions School Embu

Fostering Democracy: IEBC Conducts Successful Student Council Elections at Lions School Embu

In a bid to instill democratic principles and nurture leadership skills among the youth, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) recently oversaw the elections of Student Council members at Lions Primary School in Embu town. Led by the Manyatta Constituency IEBC team, headed by Returning Officer Caleb Gikonde, the process aimed to promote accountability and transparency while providing students with firsthand experience in democratic practices.

Early Preparation for Leadership:

Nancy Waeni, the school head, emphasized the importance of introducing students to democratic processes early on. Conducting the elections under the guidance of the IEBC marked a significant milestone for the school, allowing pupils to elect their preferred President and Council members. Waeni highlighted the students’ enthusiasm and the opportunity for them to actively participate in shaping their school’s governance structure.

Transparent Election Process:

Under the watchful eye of Paul Peace, the chairman of the election board, stringent measures were put in place to ensure a fair and transparent election. Candidates were given platforms to present their manifestos, with campaigning conducted without the influence of gifts or monetary incentives. This commitment to integrity helped uphold the principles of democracy, allowing voters to make informed decisions based on the candidates’ platforms rather than external inducements.

Results and Participation:

The highly contested elections saw active participation from both candidates and voters alike. Clarice Nyambura emerged as the President-elect, securing 133 votes, followed closely by Peter Gichohi with 114 votes. The process also included elections for other key positions such as Governor and primary school representatives. The robust voter turnout and engagement showcased the students’ understanding of civic responsibilities and the democratic process.


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