Mombasa Residents Encouraged to Pursue Practical TVET Short Courses

In Mombasa, a crucial call is resonating within academic and professional circles, urging students and practitioners to explore an often-overlooked avenue – Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) short courses. As New Dimensions College unfolds its chapters in Mombasa, the emphasis on practical, relevant knowledge becomes more pronounced, encouraging individuals to consider this less traditional yet essential path.

Bernard Osero, Head of Corporate Affairs at Kenya Ports Authority, is championing this cause. In the backdrop of Mombasa’s dynamic environment, Osero advocates for tailor-made short courses. These courses, he contends, should not only complement traditional education but also inject practical insights, aligning individuals with the ever-evolving demands of the job market.

Osero underscores the need for a strategic shift, urging learning institutions to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. He highlights a common practice at Kenya Ports Authority, where new professionals often turn to short courses to gain practical insights into their roles – a practice whose significance is often underestimated.

Anne Mburu, CEO of New Dimensions College, echoes Osero’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of hands-on tutoring. While recognizing the foundational knowledge imparted by mainstream tertiary education, Mburu underscores the complementary role played by practical courses, typically offered by TVET institutions. In a region dominated by hospitality and tourism, she advocates for courses designed to deliver impactful practical skills.

Mburu goes a step further, urging local leadership and the County government to support the youth venturing into practical-based courses. She calls for financial backing in the form of bursaries, providing a lifeline for aspiring individuals eager to acquire the practical knowledge essential for carving out a livelihood.


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